Hey! My name is Sid. I’m an independent researcher studying connections between computation and biological evolution. I like to grow unusual plants, read sci-fi, and watch anime (recently, One Piece). I speak Japanese as well.

You can schedule a short meeting with me about anything at all over here. Do it! It’ll be fun!

I’m on twitter @ftlsid and I write at cybermonk.substack.com.

Older writing

You are taking advice from someone who spent more than three thousand hours studying a complex language spoken on a distant volcanic archipelago in order to watch cartoons more effectively.

I believe that artificial neural networks are profoundly lacking as a substrate for artificial general intelligence (AGI), in ways that scale and architecture cannot fix.

By employing a few dumb tricks, a computer with super-Turing capabilities could prove almost any theorem over the natural numbers, including many that have stumped the best of us for centuries.