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Hello! My name is Sid Mani. You may know me as the guy who built this go-kart or the creator of the Zencyclopedia. I'm a 20-year-old math student at UCLA. I enjoy difficult problems, driving fast, studying Japanese, and running.

This website is emphatically not a portfolio. It's my attempt at uncensored self-expression, and will necessarily contain objectionable content from time to time.

Recent posts

upon the shoulders of giants 11.1.2018
an introspection
deja vu 9.3.2018
I just been in this place before
return 6.27.2018
((to sender)|(of the King|Jedi))
Mapmaking 5.28.2018
here be dragons

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Anodize May 2018
not-so-minimalist static site generator
The Zencyclopedia March 2018
A community-driven list of resources for learning anything and everything for free on the Internet.
SendGIF September 2016
Record GIFs with your camera, directly from the iMessage keyboard
POV wheel August 2015
a persistence-of-vision display on a bicycle wheel with 8-bit color and 28 radial pixels
FTL July 2014
An electric go kart designed with a casual disregard for safety
iPod Dock August 2012
a music-synchronized RGB iPod dock from an Apple Pro speaker

more projects…