All your code are belong to us


I just sorted through my code archive and I've decided to open source all of it under the MIT license, wherever possible. I'll continue updating this with links as I clean and release each one.

an Osu! bot that I wrote in 2015. I got IP-banned from the game after beating this map with 14.5 million points (the current high score is around 13.5 million). My guilt about writing a bot to undo people's hard work is mitigated by how much fun I had trolling. The bot is broken enough that script kiddies won't be able to use it (yes, I have a conscience).

an attempt to factorize large semiprime integers. Bit of a story behind this one. I didn't particularly enjoy high school. After weighing my options, I decided that solving fundamental mathematical problems would be the easiest way to avoid suffering through the rest of my education. My dreams were crushed by the resulting systems of nonlinear modular Diophantine equations in multiple variables. The code generates equations that, when solved, yield the factors of the number. For a large number like RSA-768, the equations comprise approximately 4 GB of text and are probably unsolvable.
If you end up solving them, do me a favor and help me escape from college (barring that, a linkback would be nice).

attempted inversion of Bitcoin's double-SHA-256 hash function. No luck, but I did manage to optimize it by around 50%. Lesson learned: don't fuck with crypto.
Note that this is released under Swift's Apache 2.0 License with Runtime Library Exception, as I used the Swift Package Manager implementation of SHA-256 in my code.

code for an Arduino persistence-of-vision wheel. I'm rather proud of this one- I built and programmed it in 2 days. I made it to recruit people for my circuitry club (tm) back in junior year of high school, but everyone was too busy studying for APUSH to give a shit about anything fun.

a quick Arduino sketch that flashes an RGB LED to music. This is what ran on my iPod dock before Apple removed the headphone jack. :(

an Arduino sketch to convert a cheap scanning matrix keyboard (like the basic Casio models) into a USB MIDI keyboard.

an iMessage extension that creates GIFs (pronounced with a hard g, as in gastropod). Boring app, but I made about $70 selling it on the app store. It took 6 hours to write, so my earnings were slightly more than minimum wage. I guess that's a good thing.

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