Captain's Log


If you haven't seen the Falcon Heavy launch from last Tuesday, stop reading and watch it now.

I've been working very hard this past week. The protochan blockchain layer is almost complete, and I'm starting on the networking code in the near future. I've also moved to a separate domain, so that's where updates are going to be from now on. A whitepaper is also on the way (yeah, I'm serious about this), so keep an eye on the website and github page over the next few weeks. There are also some cool badges: license badge last commit badge

There's a psychobiology midterm in four days. Of course, I'm only still a student due to a combination of self-doubt and circumstance, so I haven't actually studied anything. Oh well.

I had a lot of interesting experiences at parties these last two weekends. I'll sum them up by saying I can now relate on a deep level to timeless classics such as Maroon 5's Daylight.

My four-mile time is now 26 minutes 30 seconds with a negative mile split (!). Trying to break 26 this week or next.

I also would like to note that I have great friends.

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