Seventeen days until I can leave this godforsaken moshpit. I've caught myself having five to ten minute long fantasies about stepping off the plane at SJC, driving my Prius on the 280, sprinting up the trails on Black Mountain, catching my breath, looking out over the Valley, staying there forever.

If only.

Here's how I'm killing time until then.

1) Anodize has gotten considerably more advanced. It can now automatically generate most of the boilerplate HTML that usually shows up in the HTML head - check out the .anodize.yml for this blog as an example. I'm thinking about creating a minimalist privacy-oriented blogging service built on it. Stay tuned.

2) I emailed the guy who owns and offered to maintain the site if he didn't have plans to continue it, and he agreed. The domain is golden. With some hard work, I can turn the site into a fantastic resource for Pokémon trainers everywhere.

3) I'm participating in the closed alpha of Tildes, a new Reddit-style forum with a commitment to user privacy. The author intends to open-source the code within the next week, so I'm looking forward to contributing. Catch me on Tildes @sid.

4) The Zencyclopedia needs more exposure, so I'll be finding ways to improve that. Ideally, all of the resources should come in through pull requests from the community, and my job will consist entirely of content review and moderation. I don't yet know how to get there.

After I finish up this school year, I'm going to do some serious thinking. There's no excuse for spending $36k a year on education at my attendance levels (9.8%), but I don't know what to do about it.

Expect a similar post once summer starts.

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