revisionist history


I've been decluttering my life recently. It's quite the process. Every time I receive an email from some website that I forgot I'd ever used, I reset the password and delete the account. My data's probably still being harvested, but at least I tried.

Simultaneously, I've been adding project pages to this site, and trying to make everything more friendly and usable. Part of this is an attempt to appear (slightly) more professional, but there's one issue: what about all the posts where I say questionable things or drop the pretense that I have my life together? Should I revise them and modify the truth? Clearing objectionable posts would probably make me look better overall, and remove any reservations I have about putting on, say, a résumé. Nobody would even notice the changes.

Well, I'm not going to revise them. Fuck that. If I want to become a sell-out, I've got the rest of my life to do it. I'm not starting now.

In fact, I'm going to make the git repository for this website public as soon as this post goes live. Here you go.

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