This article recently annoyed me. TL;DR social media companies, such as Instagram, want to sanitize the Internet and make it a safe space.

That's not the Internet I grew up with. The Internet I know and (kinda) love is filled with frog memes, bizarre pornography, and really weird shit. Just like that icky worm on the sidewalk you poke with a stick: grotesque yet fascinating. It's dirty, messy, occasionally beautiful, and, most importantly, human.

That's why we can't let companies like Instagram and Facebook control it. The Internet is powerful because it's decentralized. Corporations, on the other hand, profit by centralizing and monopolizing resources. In the process, they limit free speech and censor ideas. As the article said: "The cumulative biases of the people in that room [at Instagram], clicking away on their MacBooks, will shape the biases of a filter that will mediate the world for 700 million people." That freaks me out a little bit.

I'm working on an unmoderated, uncensored p2p messageboard. Stay tuned.

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