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NRAO-530 quasar jet simulator

I wrote a simulator to model the jets emitted from a quasar (quasi-stellar object) known as NRAO-530, under the instruction of Prof. Mark Morris at UCLA. The quasar's redshift is 0.9, which means its light traveled for about 9.5 billion years to reach Earth. This quasar emits precessing, relativistic helical jets of plasma and radiation. It is likely that a torque from an accretion disk around a black hole causes this precession.

The relativistic nature of the jets causes some interesting effects. For example, the jets are proportionally brightened in regions where the matter is moving towards us, and dimmed in the opposite case (a phenomenon known as relativistic beaming). Additionally, although not visible in this object, I predicted (see explanation here) that helical jets may appear under certain conditions due to the delay in the travel time of light and the presence of intergalactic medium. This result is directly visible in the simulation, which you can access here.